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A wider stance makes Perrin wheel spacers an important upgrade for many STI owners. When it comes to the exterior, one of the chief complaints drivers have is that the tires look “sucked in.” That is because they are recessed under the fender. Perrin wheel spacers bring the tires out to give a more substantial base. The result is a performance-inspired look. If you are into displaying your car either at auto shows or on the street, bringing the wheels out from the wells will bring additional attention. Perrin wheel spacers fit Impreza STI models from 2005-13.

The issue is visibility. Without Perrin STI wheel spacers, the wheels are set virtually directly underneath the chassis, obscuring the treads of the tires. The goal is to move them far enough out to where they are at least even with the fenders. Perrin STI wheel spacers make it very easy to initiate enough room to widen your car’s stance without compromising handling. They are a simple installation. The Perrin STI wheel spacers are bolted to your OEM studs. There is no need to replace them unless you are going with aftermarket wheels. All it takes is accounting for the gap between the fender and measuring with a straight edge. Total installation time for Perrin STI wheel spacers is approximately 30 minutes.

Some drivers are under the impression a Subaru wheel spacer kit will assist with handling. It may, but it is not intended to. If you use a Subaru wheel spacer kit measuring at 15mm, in the front you can reduce the amount of “understeer.” But due to different tires, cambering, and suspension setups, better handling depends on the model installed with a Subaru wheel spacer kit. The configuration of the aforementioned variables plays a larger role in stability and cornering than the kit. It is also suggested to only purchase performance wheel extenders that are suitable to your wheel size and bolt pattern.

Perrin products are known for durability. Their Subaru STI wheel adapters are manufactured out of an aluminum alloy that is anodized for a corrosive-resistant surface. Once in place, they will stay on and not betray vulnerability to the elements. Impreza wheel spacers come backed by a 5 year warranty.

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