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Perrin Performance

Upgrading to a Perrin pitch stop mount is a good idea for several reasons. The OEM part is not robust. Its bushings are made of weaker rubber and are easily corruptible. They wear out and shear off, leaving you with more rattle and even more hesitant shifts. Perrin pitch stop mounts promote a stable, uncompromising brace that handles accelerating with consistent response. This modification is not designed just for racing fanatics. If anything, Perrin pitch stop mounts are every bit as effective when driving in residential areas at lower speeds. However, they do compliment the presence of other Impreza performance parts in competitive situations.

As you accelerate, decelerate, and shift, the engine flexes. While not a danger, it can be unsettling and cause a hitch in the gears. WRX pitch stop mounts are bolted in from the engine block to the firewall. The structure of the bar presents continuous rigidity to combat any rolling. Even during turbulent driving conditions, WRX pitch stop mounts will prevent the usual shuddering that occurs between gears. An additional effect is better power distribution. Because there is no more slippage, the WRX pitch stop mounts contribute more potential for WHP increases.

A big part of how it works is credited to the bushings. These are what provide the torsion control at the ends of the WRX pitch stop mount. Perrin uses 60a and 70a durometer rubber, which is close in grade to automotive tires. These engine mount bushings are intended to last long despite their halting of drivetrain twisting. It is also why they can withstand the stress of performance applications. Hooking up an aftermarket Impreza stop mount in conjunction with other suspension parts creates a robust profile to meet just about any driving demands.

Installation is not very difficult. For some applications you may have to remove the intercooler before installing the aftermarket Impreza stop mount. For instances where that is unnecessary it is a simple replacement. You will remove the OEM bar and quickly bolt the aftermarket Impreza stop mount in its place. Total installation time ranges between 15 and 30 minutes.

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