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Perrin Performance

Using a Perrin license plate relocator is mostly about appearance. A lot of WRX/STI owners do not enjoy having their tags cover up the front of their cars. Some of that is due to fashion. The plate rests just beneath the grille, so if you have put on various Subaru exterior accessories it can take away from your ride’s attitude. But just as often, a Perrin license plate relocator is a popular tool because simply moving the tag to the side or elsewhere is a nice custom touch. You see this most often with vehicles meant for racing or car shows. Either way, if you would like to clear out space in front of your car a Perrin license plate relocator can do the job quickly.

With this device you can choose the exact angle and spot you feel your state tags look best. The license plate relocation kit is set up to be fully adjustable. It comes with a plate holder, washers, and a tow hook stem. The stem is what you need to give your car proper WRX plate relocation. Removing your car’s tow hook cover is the first step. After that, you need to thread the stem into the tow hook. From here, the license plate relocation kit can be maneuvered according to your preferences. If you need space between the unit and the bumper there is a selection of washers available. They come with the license plate relocation kit along your other hardware.

All of the materials are meant for sturdiness. The Perrin plate holder is made of special laser cut aluminum and then given a textured black powdercoat. The tow hook stem is CNC crafted and anodized black. Perrin does this so that the license plate relocation kit does not rust or corrode. Moreover, the holder is machined and folded in a press break so it displays zero pliability. Once in place, the tag will not move from where it is. Unlike other aftermarket WRX plate relocations, it is not susceptible to superficial dents or dings.

This customization is only available for certain models. WRX plate relocations are compatible for 2002-2015 Subaru Impreza WRX/STI editions. Using this part with another vehicle can result in poor fitment and damage to the bumper.

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