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R53 Tensioner Stop

Perrin Performance

The value of an R53 tensioner stop reveals itself when the serpentine belt goes bad. And in most Mini models, that is inevitable. The problem starts with the belt but it leads to other issues. When the belt succumbs to wear, it takes other parts with it including the OEM tensioner and crank pulley. The premise of an R53 tensioner stop is to protect against overexpansion of the belt and halt catastrophe. Because the action moves downward in the event of a mishap, the bar provides a stopping point that keeps everything together. Whether you have logged 20,000 miles or 220,000 miles on your Mini, an R53 tensioner stop is an important means of security.

It is also a cost effective upgrade. Installing an Alta tensioner stop is as much about protection as it is economics. When you experience Mini serpentine belt failure it is not just one item that is going to need replacement. There will also be the pulley and tensioner to account for, not to mention potential harm to the supercharger. An Alta tensioner stop is one unit that allows you to save spending money on all that collateral damage. Replacement of all of these parts can be expensive and time consuming. For a fraction of the cost, an Alta tensioner stop will let you keep your equipment and simply require replacing the belt.

A glance at the part demonstrates how it works. Alta tensioner stops are looped at the ends to connect to the dampener. This design stops the tensioner arm from moving so it does not go further than where the factory part ends. If a problem arises, the Mini belt tensioner stop will replicate the same distance you had before. It is very strong, as well, and will not wear down due to constant usage. Mini belt tensioner stops are comprised of stainless steel for maximum durability.

In addition, you can customize how it is set up. You have the option of going with an Alta adjustable tension bar that comes in handy if you switch out the hydraulic dampeners. The goal here is to reduce excess bounce while maintaining the same grade of stiffness. Both Mini belt tensioner stops install similarly and require slight lifting of the engine.

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