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R56 Alta Exhaust

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Locking on a R56 Alta exhaust is a fast way to get the most out of your turbo setup. The key to upping the performance potential of a Mini is releasing the restrictive properties of exhaust flow. When airflow becomes backed up it holds up the hidden horsepower that your car is capable of. The R56 Alta exhaust is designed to offer a more direct passage for air to travel through using wider diameter piping. The effect is a higher compliment of performance as well as deeper, sportier note that bellows from the tips. Intended for everyday drivers and racing enthusiasts alike, R56 Alta exhausts bring a Mini’s turbo profile up very quickly.

The design of this customization demonstrates how it works. The Alta R56 catback system denotes where it resides, from the catalytic converter to the back of the vehicle (at the dual exhaust tips). What it does is assist in shuffling car exhaust through at a higher rate. This is aided greatly by the tubing. Alta R56 catback systems come in 3.0” or 2.5” diameters, which give the exhaust more room to stream. With more room there is less restriction. Alta R56 catback systems unlock the pent up airflow to give the engine more freedom. The result is more horsepower. With a new Alta R56 catback system installed your Mini gets a boost of approximately 10-15 WHP.

One of the biggest keys is the dual tips. This Mini Cooper cat back exhaust comes with two large tips that add an aggressive look. A lot of drivers prefer bigger tips on a Mini because they provide a stark contrast to the compact body style of the vehicle. They protrude out from the dual mufflers on the Mini catback exhaust to reveal a racecar appearance.

Each Mini Cooper catback exhaust is made of 304 stainless steel, including the automotive muffler. This is for improved durability as well as resistance to corrosion. It also helps with the finish. The Alta twin tip system is given a brushed steel finish that is easily maintained. To keep it looking shiny, simply go over it periodically with a Scotchbrite.

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