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R56 Boost Port

Perrin Performance

With an R56 boost port you can keep a better eye on performance levels without having to make a major modification. A lot of Mini owners want to effectively manage their boost, but that can come at a price. Some products force you to drill into the intake manifold in order to install a small, uncomplicated piece of equipment. The R56 boost port is a compact, user-friendly answer for those seeking the same results but not the hassle. It is a plug and play upgrade that takes very little time to accomplish for most drivers. R56 boost ports easily mate the gauge for precise readings, giving your car more power potential and consistency.

Manipulating the intake can take time, especially if you have aftermarket parts. Using an Alta boost adapter allows you to sidestep a lot of the work to reach the same objective. Instead of breaking out the drill, all you have to do here is remove one item and install another one in its place. The Alta boost adapter takes about a half hour to install. You will first disconnect the intake and unscrew the MAP sensor. Here, you will install the Alta boost adapter to the manifold. Greasing the O-rings may help the part go on easier. Hint: Only use an automotive lubricant. Next, connect the MAP sensor to the Alta boost adapter as well as the vacuum. And that is basically it.

This device can supplement other R56 turbo accessories without interference. Most of the drivers who use an Alta boost port are into track racing and off-road events, so often, they have exhausts and custom intakes. Having a proper gauge to check level response is important, especially if your intention is to constantly chase RPMs. An Alta boost port presents a simple way to manage levels so that you can log performance.

Due to its location, the material has to be both durable and impervious to heat. Each Alta boost port is machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Since it fits right in without cutting or drilling there is not a threat of hard contact with other parts. After assembly, Mini Cooper boost source adapters are given a red or black anodized finish.

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