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Perrin Performance

Dressing up your interior with STI knob covers is quick and easy. The SI drive knob is not there for show, it is there for function. However, enough drivers have intimated that it would be nice to have a bit more décor in the cabin and Perrin listened. Their STI knob covers add a classy touch to what was a dull spot on the console. They can also be used as part of an arrangement of fashionable upgrades. You can combine STI knob covers with chrome trim, dash kits, and exotic gauges for a full custom experience. It does not matter. Even by themselves, Perrin knob covers bring life to the interior.

Subaru did not intend on giving the interior too many features. They concentrated more on the drivability of the car. But the cabin is where you do the actual driving, so giving it a personal edge can be enjoyable. Perrin knob covers bring a modern, racing-inspired look to the inside that gets attention. Many drivers want them for their showroom potential. A lot of STI owners display their rides at auto conventions and parts such as Perrin knob covers can make a big difference.

It is a simple upgrade and not a replacement. Perrin knob covers do not take the place of the SI drive button. Instead, they are installed right over them. You are not called upon to make any modification to the area. Once you receive your custom STI shift knob you will be fitting it right over the OEM dial. Simply unpeel the double-sided 3M tape and press it on. A suggestion some drivers have is using more than the two pieces Perrin provides. The custom STI shift knob will fit on with no problem using two, but to eliminate any excess wiggle, four strips of the 3M tape might work best.

Two materials are at your disposal. SI drive knob covers are comprised of aluminum or stainless steel. There are two distinct finishes to choose from, depending on the effect you are looking for. Custom STI shift knobs come in brushed steel and anodized black. The finishes match the material. You can base your selection on a singular style or if you are attempting to match other STI interior accessories.

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