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Perrin Performance

Go for style with an STI shifter knob that better suits your taste and driving habits. At the outset, there is nothing wrong with the OEM shifter. But it does not serve every driver the same. Some desire a thinner STI shifter knob while others want a different finish. Since the interior is where you spend the most time with your car, it is important to be comfortable. You can choose an STI shifter knob that not only fits as if put there by the factory but also one that meets your custom needs. It is a personalized upgrade based on what you like. Perrin shift knobs add a splash of personalization that was not included with the stock package.

You do not have to use this part by itself, although many drivers do. However, Perrin shift knobs can be used to match an entire interior layout. If you have installed other upgrades like gauges or trim, you can add more personalization to the mix. Most drivers who go with a Perrin shift knob do so mainly for looks, especially those who put their cars on display at auto shows. It depends on what your needs are. Because many STI owners are into racing, a Perrin shift knob represents an opportunity to find a more comfortable grip to hold on to.

There are two different sizes available. Impreza shift handles come in 1.6” diameter (slim) and 1.85” (“Fat Knob”). What makes the Fat Knob popular is that it is virtually the same exact size as the stock BRZ handle. Another feature of this part is its construction. Perrin STI shift knobs are two main pieces. The primary portion is the handle itself, and is comprised of either aluminum or stainless steel. The bottom hosts the threading. This is how you can make your Perrin STI shift knob higher or lower simply by twisting a screw.

Like most Perrin Subaru accessories, there are two finishes: black powdercoat and brushed steel. Only aluminum Perrin STI shift knobs can be ordered with the black finish. Installation is simple. All shifter handles come with installation instructions for full adjustability (up to 1”), hardware, and stickers.

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