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Subaru Battery Stiffi

Perrin Performance

There is more than one purpose to a Subaru battery stiffi. The first is security. Whether you notice it or not, there are times when your battery shifts. Depending on how it is resting it could be a little or a lot. Most times this occurs at high speeds or on bumpy roadways. A Subaru battery stiffi is designed to hold it firmly in place so you do not have to worry about any potential mishaps. Another factor is its looks. Plenty of drivers lift up their hoods to show off upgrades they may have. Locking in a Subaru battery stiffi adds a stylish accent others pay attention to.

A battery does not have to move very far for it to create an issue. Even the slightest deviation can mean trouble. A Perrin battery tie down prevents a problem before it happens. The increased stiffness that is placed over the top of the unit endures throughout all types of driving. That is why many racing competitors will install a Perrin battery tie down in the first place. They need their engine components to remain tightly secured. Constantly traveling at high speeds puts surrounding parts at risk. A Perrin battery tie down provides an added boost of confidence that endures both the track and the street.

Appearance also plays a major role. A car battery lock is not an OEM part, so it immediately brings about a custom touch. If you are a motorist who regularly displays their ride at automotive shows either locally or nationally, having additional engine jewelry can make a difference. Perrin specifically crafts their car battery locks to present an attractive visual. It is not a clunky iron bar without a finish. Instead, it blends in with your other Impreza engine accessories as if it came from the factory. The reason the car battery lock stands out is because of its silver or black anodized finish, complete with the “Perrin” logo printed on the top.

Toughness is not a concern. Each Subaru battery bar is made of machined billet aluminum for both strength and resistance to high engine bay temps. The ends are rounded with recessed holes that make bolting it in quick and easy. Perrin stands by its construction. Aluminum battery tie downs come complete with a 5 year warranty.

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