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3rd. Brake Lights

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3rd Brake Lights play a role. Be it heavy traffic where cars are residing bumper-to-bumper or lower-profile sports compacts driving in front of full-size trucks, there are situations that call for more visibility than the tail lights provide. Unlike thirty years ago, nearly every model off the line includes one. But there's a catch - many times, stock third brake lights don't do the job. Whether it's lack of style, lack of brightness, or just a bland, generic appearance, many drivers enjoy replacing their OEM brake lights. Pilot Automotive 3rd Brake Lights are a great solution. Pilot LED Brake Lights deliver the kind of illumination and style that more than does the trick. Constructed of top-quality ABS plastic, Pilot Custom Brake Lights offer a (very) long-lasting alternative to factory lights with an added sense of style. Another bonus - installation is a simple plug-&-play process that takes just minutes!

Most importantly, LED custom brake lights illuminate quicker than factory lights, which means drivers behind you are alerted faster. And since they last an immeasurable amount of time longer, Pilot LED 3rd Brake Lights put less overall strain on your car battery. This is the kind of upgrade that boosts both safety and efficiency. But you also want to add a little pizazz? Pilot Automotive custom 3rd brake lights come in a variety styles including (as) brake light strips, with attached blinkers, or with sequential signal repeaters. All the options are here.

For the owners of large vehicles out there, we know you like to express yourselves a different way. That's why at UltraRev we carry a complete line of Hitch Brake Lights. Pilot Automotive Hitch Brake Lights give you the opportunity to not only increase your truck or SUV's safety profile with a simple replacement, but to also show off a personalized touch. Pilot Hitch Brake Lights are available for Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Dodge with the symbols/logos of each make showcased front-and-center. So instead of just displaying a nice, bright hitch brake light, you get the chance to demonstrate the personal loyalty you have for your vehicle make, which is always a popular choice. Pilot Hitch Brake Lights are housed in top-quality ABS plastic and are a simple installation anyone can pull off in no time.

If you are interested in upgrading the 3rd brake light to give your back windshield some added flair or are in the mood to give your hitch a custom brake light that stands out, UltraRev has what you're looking for. Browse our lineup today to choose the brake light setup your car, truck, or SUV deserves!