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There are many ways to give your car, truck, or SUV its own signature style without breaking the bank to do so. That's why racing fans and tuners love car air deflectors. A positively simple upgrade any driver can pull off in mere minutes, car air deflectors initiate an aggressive, modern attitude to the exterior of any vehicle. One of the most exciting things about Pilot Automotive Air Deflectors is that they allow you to be creative. You can place these air diverters on and around the outside of your ride any way you want, inventing a personal, customized look that's all its own. The real question is, do Pilot Automotive Air Diverters actually cut down on wind resistance and drag on your vehicle? They may, but it is at a minimal amount and might not be too noticeable. Some drivers claim they have increased fuel mileage just a little bit while others say they make no difference. These car air deflectors are certainly intended as more of a fashion accessory than a performance one.

You have several outstanding quality finishes to choose from for a look that will always get noticed. Take your pick of black chrome, polished chrome, and EVO chrome to capture that classy profile you've been shooting for. Pilot Car Air Deflectors are crafted from chrome-plated ABS plastic, so you never have to be concerned about the level of toughness they present. These chrome air deflectors will stand up to any weather or climate and come out looking shiny. Installation is also extra easy. Each air deflector is backed with automotive-grade adhesive tape for a fast peel & stick installation.

Raising your ride's profile can sometimes be a challenge. At UltraRev, we're here to help make it as enjoyable for you as possible, and that's why we stock our selection with nothing but the highest quality parts for you to choose from. Our lineup of Pilot Automotive Chrome Air Deflectors is no different. For a sizzling, contrasting shine that turns heads every time you drive by, Pilot Automotive Chrome Air Deflectors won't let you down!

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