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Chrome brightens everything up. There is nothing quite like the glistening, mirror-polished finish, wherever it's found on a vehicle. It's just something you take notice of right away. This is what some may refer to as the head-turning effect. But it's not all about creating a flashy, bionic appearance. Chrome trim accents can be used for an understated, classy approach, similar to the chrome trim found on most luxury vehicles. It all depends on the type of taste you have, the type of style you feel most comfortable with. That's what makes Pilot Automotive Chrome Trim such a great idea.

With Pilot chrome trim, you're not just getting your hands on shiny accents for your car. You are also getting a chance to be creative, a chance to demonstrate a more fashionable look for your vehicle that the factory didn't plan on. Chrome is an opportunity to personalize like few other upgrades can.

Pilot Automotive Chrome Door Handles add a splash of luxury to any vehicle's exterior. That's because chrome door handles are located on an area of your vehicle that isn't known to be too expressive. Not many people go to dealerships looking for cars with nice handles. So when they are an aftermarket application, they get noticed quickly. It's almost as if chrome door handle covers are a nice surprise. And because chrome door handles reside on the side of your sled, they kind of give an extra pop when they catch your eyes. Pilot Automotive chrome door handles are special because they don't just look fantastic, they are also elite quality. Pilot chrome door handle covers are crafted from ABS plastic and designed to provide a precise factory-fit to your OEM handles. The triple chrome plating adds an extra layer of protection as well as a spectacular custom finish.

Another way to throw some chrome onto the side of your car, truck, or SUV is with chrome mirror covers. Pilot Automotive Chrome Mirror Covers are available for most major makes/models and are especially popular for trucks and performance vehicles. Pilot chrome mirror covers deliver the same glimmering presence as chrome door handle covers with a more contrasting side profile visual. One of the reasons why truck chrome mirror covers are such a hit is because side-view mirrors for trucks a lot of times are pretty large. That makes them excellent places for some chrome! Like Pilot chrome door handle covers, chrome mirror covers are constructed of ultra-grade ABS plastic and triple-chrome plated. Superior quality with the polished, mirrored elegance that instantly gets attention.

Both Pilot chrome door handle covers and truck chrome mirror covers are backed with 3M automotive adhesive to provide a simple peel & stick application. Though they belong to different areas of your vehicle, door handles and mirror covers have similarities in how they are installed. In both cases it is highly recommended that you wash the surface of the car where your Pilot Automotive chrome trim is going with a paper towel and some rubbing alcohol. Once it dries, just unpeel the tape and put your chrome trim on where it belongs! If you would like step-by-step instructions on how to install truck chrome mirror covers, we'd be happy to help.

UltraRev knows what chrome is capable of and that's why we carry a stacked selection of Pilot Automotive chrome trim in a variety of styles. Chrome mirror covers and chrome door handles are affordable upgrades that not only display an added touch of gleaming luxury, but you can also count on their toughness and quality. Click on the Shop Now button today to learn more!

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