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There are several areas of your vehicle that sometimes need a unique replacement. Maybe it's not the kind of part you can find at your local auto store. It might take a little research. UltraRev knows this because we are drivers, too, and we know what it's like to have to get that one part for the exterior that is tough to find. We are here to help with our inventory of Pilot Automotive exterior car accessories that should do the trick. Choose from antennas, custom gas doors, and windshield nozzles. These are the kinds of exterior accessories usually unavailable at the big chain auto retail centers but are important to your vehicle's exterior. So where do you go to find them? UltraRev, that's where!

Every now and again, gas doors need to be replaced. Whether it's due to damage or simply because you want to make a custom replacement, finding a gas door for your truck can be a hassle. Pilot Automotive is here to take care of that. Pilot Automotive gas doors are crafted from top-quality aluminum backed with stainless steel hardware for uncompromising toughness you can count on. And the finish to Pilot Automotive Gas Doors is outstanding, also. Featuring a smooth textured black powder-coat, your truck gas door will be sporting a custom look you'll want to show off.

One part of the factory package that can be hard to replace is a windshield nozzle. Many times in order to find one that fits you have to go to a dealer. Well, we all know that might not be the most pleasant experience for your wallet if your car is no longer under warranty. And when it's a rather inexpensive part, it can become even more frustrating. UltraRev is here with the answer thanks to our selection of Pilot Automotive Windshield Nozzles. Pilot Automotive Windshield Nozzles require no drilling for an installation that's as easy as 1-2-3. They also provide a wide angle spray for increased range on your windshield as opposed to most factory nozzles. The best part? Pilot Windshield Nozzles fit almost every contemporary vehicle on the road today.

Some drivers are into a classic, custom appearance for the outside of their cars. One of the most sought-after looks is going with an antenna. Perfect for the old school look on a tuned-out racecar or a highlight accessory to a classical luxury automobile, Pilot Automotive Antennas deliver a unique profile. Made of triple-chrome plated material, Pilot Antennas are a quick stick-on application - simply line it up, unpeel, and stick. It's that easy. And since this is a fashion accessory, Pilot Antennas are only for decoration - they will not aid in the reception of your radio or other devices. But that's not what it's about, right? No, it's about style and standing out!

UltraRev carries exterior car accessories that can be hard to find. Take a look at our selection today to see if we have something you need. If you have any additional questions we're always glad to help!

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