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Whether for improved off-roading vision or just a simple upgrade in brightness and fashion, Pilot Automotive Fog Lights can be trusted for all of your vehicle's needs. The best part about Pilot Fog Lights is the myriad of styles and housings they are available in. One of the more popular options is the Navigator Fog Light kit. Pilot Navigator Fog Lights are known for producing a narrow beam with the capability to reach further than standard or OEM fog lights. They also play a role in the output of your headlamps. Navigator (and most types of) fog lights add an additional layer of support to your natural headlight beam, providing a more cutting brand of illumination that aids in extreme darkness or inclement weather. Pilot Navigator Fog Light kits are available in a whole assortment of styles, colors, and housing options. Choose from rectangular, oblong, and round-shaped housings in chrome, black, blue, clear, and more.

Interested in an added blast of brightness? Then get acquainted with Pilot Navigator HID Fog Lights. These HID fog light kits take things up a notch with the extra luminance and color. They work by simulating the strength of high intensity discharge lamps while still utilizing actual halogen power (standard 55 watt). These fog light kits come with a NV-H3K bulb in the housing, but you have a choice of several different lenses and colors (blue, Cyber White, and regular white). These Pilot Navigator HID fog lights have become a hot item for drivers of all styles, from racers to off-roaders.

Pilot also offers LED fog lights inside their navigator series. The advantage to LED lighting is a mix of power, longevity, and efficiency. Pilot LED Fog Lights are capable of 100,000 hours of constant usage while emitting HID-quality illumination that cuts like a knife through foggy or muggy conditions. You have your choice of regular or round lights. Note: LED fog light kits are for off-road use only.

All Pilot Automotive Fog Lights are sold in pairs and ship out with everything you need for a quick plug and play installation (wiring kit, mounting screws, and instructions).

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