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There are few upgrades as satisfying and simple as choosing a new grille. It could be because the front of your vehicle is the area you (and others) notice first. Or it could just be that many times, no matter how terrific your vehicle is, the grille is one area the factory more or less skimps on. It doesn't matter which way you look at it, one thing remains clear - custom grilles make a big difference. Pilot Automotive Grilles make a bigger difference than most. Crafted of super-tough ABS plastic and chrome plated for a gleaming shine, Pilot Automotive Grilles replace the blah factory front-end with a splash of custom style that grabs attention. UltraRev's selection of Pilot Automotive Grilles offers you a cavalcade of options including bold, dynamic billet grilles and dynamic yet classy mesh grille inserts. We have something for everybody!

Another inviting characteristic of our Pilot Grilles is their simple installation process. You don't have to worry about some long, arduous project where you're using a bunch of tools to gut out the OEM grille and then bolting a new one in its place. Not even close. Pilot custom Billet Grilles snap right on as overlays - they go right over your existing grille. No cutting, no drilling, or bolting. Mesh grille inserts take the same route to the front of your ride with one exception - some models may require the use of pre-applied adhesive tape. All Pilot Auto Grilles are finished with chrome and polished to a showroom shine. Everything you need will arrive with your grille including simple installation instructions. Giving a boost to your vehicle's exterior profile is always a rewarding experience. UltraRev is here to make it easy.

Custom grilles, truck grilles, performance grilles - you name it, we've got it. UltraRev specializes in connecting drivers with the products they need to get the results they want. It's that simple. Browse our inventory today to catch a glimpse at all of the possibilities that await your ride. You'll be glad you did!