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There is no substitute for a car that is properly attired. Be it for racing or just a custom look, when a car has the right kind of extras placed in and around it, people notice. One item that shouldn't be left out is the hood pin. Though small and understated, hood pins put the finishing touches on any exterior package. When it comes time for you to complete your ride's wardrobe, Pilot Automotive Carbon Fiber Hood Pins are right here waiting for you. A stylish mix of aggression and sleekness, Pilot Automotive Carbon Fiber Hood Pins look great on just about any hood. You can apply them to factory hoods, fiberglass hoods, and of course, racing hoods for that extra competitive detail. Choose between black or silver carbon fiber hood pins for the shade that matches your car the best.

Pilot Carbon Fiber Hood Pins offer a universal fit - just about every vehicle out there can be hooked up with one. However, they are designed to be applied only using your OEM hood latch. You will not be left in the dark with the installation, either. All carbon fiber locking pin kits come with everything you need for a clean install along with instructions.

Interested in the look without altering the factory package? Pilot Automotive also offers Simulated Locking Hood Pins. These are for the drivers out there who want the edgy racing-inspired look with a simple peel and stick installation. Backed with automotive-grade 3M tape, simply clean the surface of the hood where you want to place your hood pin and then press it down. The Pilot Simulated Locking Hood Pin is flexible to allow a proper fit to your hood's contours. You have your choice of shimmering chrome or carbon fiber. Pilot Automotive Simulated Locking Hood Pins unleash a stylish exclamation point in an easy, affordable upgrade.

Racers and performance drivers don't just like to pick up items that make their cars faster, they want the looks, too. At UltraRev, we hear you loud and clear. Our selection of Pilot Automotive Carbon Fiber Hood Pins has you covered for almost every vehicle on the road. Click on the Shop Now button to get started today!

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