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From racing-style flash to understated brightness, Pilot Automotive Parking Lights and Side Lamps bring with them an easy upgrade that goes a long way. Parking Lights provide an additional burst of luminance underneath your headlamps that sometimes plays a role in lighting up the area in front of your car or truck, and sometimes not. But they are a valuable candidate for OEM replacement specifically because custom parking lights add a signature style as well as an improvement in shine. One of the more popular styles is Diamond Cut parking lamps. Showcasing a slightly parallelogram shape in their reflector assembly, Pilot Diamond Cut parking lights are manufactured to produce a precise OEM fit to your vehicle. There are also different housing and lens styles available. Choose from standard houses, chrome, and black housing options. Lenses include clear and smoked for an additional exotic flavor. Installation is no problem - simply use your OEM harness and sockets.

Another great place to throw on some custom gleam is on the side of your car, truck, or SUV. Pilot Automotive Side Lamps (or Side Markers) demonstrate a personalized touch to a place on your vehicle that might otherwise go unnoticed. Powered by LED technology, Side Markers put out up to 100,000 hours of use. This means that once you install them it is highly unlikely you will ever need another replacement. For added benefit, your car's visibility will increase immeasurably with extremely low maintenance. Plus, since the power consumption is lessened by the LED side lamps, your vehicle will be able to use that power and redistribute it to other places more efficiently. So you're not only getting a rise in your ride's fashion profile with a boost in luminance, but greater productivity, too!

UltraRev understands the needs drivers have. We also know what it is car owners want. Whether it's a jump in performance or the custom extras that give your vehicle some pop, we've got you covered. Visit our online store today to find all of your Pilot Automotive side markers and lights for improvement that goes the distance.