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Quality replacement bulbs for your car or truck can be hard to find. There are so many to choose from, it can be difficult to select bulbs that match all of your needs be it brightness, style, or efficiency. Pilot Automotive presents a comprehensive assortment of headlight bulbs perfect for any vehicle. Pilot offers everything from LED car bulbs and HID lights to halogen headlight bulbs and interior lights. In other words, improved luminance for ANY area of your ride is available. More and more vehicles are coming off the line with lights located in different spots other than the headlights. Replacing factory filaments with LED Bulbs makes for a terrific upgrade that goes a long way in style and longevity (Pilot LED car bulbs last up to 100,000 hours guaranteed). You also have a complete array of colors available including red, white, blue, and amber. Pilot Automotive LED Headlight Bulbs can be had in standard OEM shape, dome, and wide angle.

Pilot delivers a lineup of HID simulation bulbs for those drivers interested in really going for a brighter beam. Xenon Replacement Bulbs come in chrome, white, and quartz. They work by producing (or simulating) an HID (High Intensity Discharge) beam which emits much greater density in illumination and improved clarity. The difference these xenon replacement headlights make at night or during inclement weather is equally impressive and important. By simply replacing your OEM bulbs inside a couple of minutes, you are not only raising the game for your vehicle's sense of style, but its level of safety, as well. Pilot Xenon HID bulbs are sold individually but it is very highly recommended you replace in pairs. Additionally, it is also suggested that you do not handle xenon bulbs without wearing latex gloves due to the gas discharge lamps.

Xenon replacement bulbs can be obtained for your fog lights. Fog light xenon HID bulbs (12V) are sold in pairs and install in seconds. Increasing the amount of brightness in your fog lamps is always a great idea. Due to where fog lights are typically located, it is vital that the beam be able to cut through rain, fog, and other types of bad weather. Using Pilot xenon bulbs as replacements for factory lights is a responsible decision that could potentially pay dividends.

LED car replacement lights and xenon HID bulbs are available at UltraRev in just about all bulb sizes for most automobiles on the road. Take a look at our selection of Pilot Automotive replacement bulbs today to pick out the style and color that fits your vehicle best.