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Unless you drive around a beat up old clunker, chances are you want to take extra special care of your car. That means keeping it clean and looking its best. In order to maintain your ride's level of cleanliness, washing your vehicle regularly is always the order of the day. But the one thing you don't want to happen is scratching up your exterior or putting it at risk in any way while doing so. That's what makes Pilot Automotive Water Blades so special. Pilot Car Wash Water Blades are specifically designed to dry your car, truck, or SUV with an easy, safe method. While rough towels can cause buildup and streaks, car wash water blades allow you to sweep water off of your exterior in a concise, efficient motion. The best part? Using a Pilot Automotive Water Blade takes less than half the time towel-drying does!

The secret is in the material. Pilot Car Wash Water Blades are comprised of soft silicone. This is important. Soft silicone presents a solid yet pliable texture that makes it easy to sweep water off of your vehicle without causing streaks. Plus, towels and rags retain water. So essentially, when you are using one to dry your exterior, water is still coming in contact with your car, making drying a much longer process than it has to be. Towels can also make for an uneven waxing job because of this. Water blades are water-resistant but not an adversarial material to water. This allows the silicone blade to efficiently swipe water off without being bogged down in water itself. And since the flexible handle adapts to any curves or contours, no place on the outside of your vehicle will be left wet. You can even use a car wash waterblade in your home or office!

Pilot automotive water blades make drying your car a faster, safer, and more comfortable task. The quicker your vehicle dries, the quicker you can wax it and get moving again. UltraRev carries a great selection of car wash waterblades for you to get your hands on. Click on the Shop Now button today to dry your car the right way!

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