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If you want to add some flair to your truck, a Bully Fuel Door is a great addition. They come in various styles and fit a wide array of different trucks so that everyone can get a more attractive fuel door. Bully also manufactures them out of the highest quality materials which makes them stand up to the elements.

If you want to give your truck a classic look, a Bully Billet Fuel Door is perfect for you. It is made from top quality aluminum and features stainless steel mounting hardware for extra durability. They also come in both chrome and anodized models. Bully offers an optional fuel door lock for increased security on this product as well.

The Bully Black Bull Series Fuel Door adds some rugged style to your truck. This product is powder coated black and features a rough texture that is easy to clean and complements an off road truck very well. It is also made out of high strength aluminum and the mounting hardware is stainless steel. The specialized mounting hardware makes it so that installation is quick and easy. They also come with or without the Bully fuel door lock.

If you want to cover up your current fuel door without any installation, the Bully Stainless Steel Fuel Door is just for you. It is made out of high quality stainless steel and features either brushed or polished finishes. What makes this product unique is that it sticks on over your current fuel door which makes installation a breeze. Regardless of which aftermarket fuel door you choose, Bully will not disappoint you. They are all made of the highest quality materials and are very easy to install.