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Aside from the bold, gleaming statement they make, Bully Truck Grilles are a snappy do it yourself installation pretty much any driver can handle. There are two main styles of Bully Grilles: inserts and performance grilles. Bully truck grille inserts are categorized as overlays, meaning that they install right over your original grille. Bully Performance Grilles on the other hand, are a direct replacement of your OEM grille. Obviously, installing a grille insert is the quicker option of the two, but neither one of them requires a whole lot of time and effort to mount to the front.

Whichever method of installation you have, the first thing you must do is confirm that your new grille provides an exact fitment. Since Bully grilles are designed specifically for each make/model, your new truck grill should demonstrate a precise fit as if it came with the vehicle. Before you begin your install, it is simply a good idea to put your new grille over the original one just to get a gauge of how it will look and fit.

When it comes to an overlay or insert, there are a couple of different procedures you may encounter. Some truck grille inserts snap into the existing brackets or clamps that parade the perimeter of your factory grille. If this is how your grille will install then it is just a matter of placing your insert over the OEM grille and feeling around for the brackets. You may have to open the hood of your truck to do this. Once you know where they are located, press in until the grille locks in and you're all set. Some Bully grille inserts come with pre-applied tape to make it even easier.

However, if you encounter screws or bolts, merely snapping in your new grille isn't on the table. But it is still no sweat. Using vice grips or a screwdriver, remove the bolts or screws while making sure your factory grille stays in place (remember - this is an overlay, not a replacement). Place your new grille over the existing one and put the screws/bolts back where they were.

Replacement billet truck grills may require a different approach to install, but it's not much more work than installing an overlay. The first thing you'll want to do is open up the hood. For most replacement chrome truck grilles, you will have to remove the OEM plastic covering/hood between the radiator and the grille. These plastic hoods are usually fastened in place with plastic plugs or screws. Once the grille is installed, you will be putting the plastic cover back. *Note: Not all replacement grill installations require this step.

Your original factory grille is kept in place with bolts or screws, so remove them with the appropriate tool (screwdriver, vice grips, or allen wrench). As you install your new grille in place of the old one, you should notice the mounting holes. From here, use the mounting holes to put back the original bolts or screws. Double check each mounting point to make sure the entire perimeter of the grille is locked in. And you're done!

Some chrome truck grilles are different depending on the model, so these installation tips may not apply to everyone. If that is the case, it's no big deal - all Bully grilles come with complete step-by-step installation instructions so you can follow along. No matter what kind of truck you have, Bully grilles provide a painless installation for just about everybody. All it really takes is about twenty minutes and a little space to do it right. In fact, the simple install is one reason why they are such a popular upgrade!

Bully Truck Grilles are comprised of triple-chrome plated ABS plastic for both a shiny, custom finish and unyielding toughness. How tough? Each one comes with a Lifetime Warranty! There is a reason why many truck lovers go with a new grille. For some, it's the rugged yet classy appearance they deliver. For others, it is a matter of wanting to do a complete overhaul of the factory look. Whatever your reasons are, one thing is for sure: Hooking up with a Bully chrome truck grille is a terrific way to give your machine a personalized touch that withstands the test of time!

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