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Looking for some extra juice inside your car to power your devices? UltraRev's got you covered with Pilot Automotive Car Adapter Outlets. Today's drivers need more when they are behind the wheel. There is just way more going on in the cabin than ever before. Smart phones, navigation systems, iPods, iPads... all of these items can be found in the overwhelming majority of vehicles on the road today. Unfortunately, most cars and trucks only feature one or two 12 volt adapter locations (or cigarette lighters). This can cause a mess when you need to charge more than one device. Pilot Automotive Car Adapter Outlets take the worry away. The goal of Pilot car adapter outlet plugs is to allow the opportunity to charge multiple devices from one location while keeping your interior organized and safe.

Turn one 12 volt cigarette lighter into a 4 sockets for all of your charging devices - Pilot Automotive presents the Quad Socket Power Center for car owners who need to have their technology close by when on the go. The Quad Socket Power Center features 4 sockets to charge from for the ultimate in tech-savvy convenience. Each port is armed with an on/off LED indicator light, so you know which ports are being used. You can install your Pilot Automotive Quad Socket Power Center in numerous spots, as each kit comes with auto-grade 3M adhesive (should you choose to mount on or near the dash). It also showcases an individual on/off switch for easy use.

For those motorists seeking the same kind of car adapter plug but want a more compact solution, the Pilot Automotive 3-Way Power Socket converts 1 outlet into 3 individual outlets of 12 volt power. Just like any aftermarket lighter adapter, the 3-Way Power Socket plugs into your cigarette lighter(s). When not in use, the 3-Way Power Socket can be put away in its seven color changing case.

It seems that practically every driver on the road is geared up with a smart phone, an iPod, and who knows what else. There is just so much technology to go around and people like to feel connected to the digital age at all times. But to do it correctly and safely, you need the right accessories. Pilot car adapter extensions and outlets give you a secure, useful way to charge your devices without them becoming a distraction. Stay connected, stay charged, and stay safe!

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