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Sometimes, car antennas break. And sometimes, folks just want to replace their OEM antenna with something of higher quality and looks. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, UltraRev is here with top-quality Pilot Automotive Car Antennas for you to choose from.

The antenna on any vehicle usually serves two functions: To provide signal reception for the radio and to also look presentable. Some drivers may care more about one trait than the other. But either way, antennas are an underrated yet sensitive instrument. Some factory rods are flimsy, with loose bases and narrow masts. They can break off just by driving too close to tree branches. Even a windy day on the highway can do damage. With a Pilot Automotive Car Antenna, you're getting excellent quality and toughness along with a sleeker appearance.

Many performance drivers prefer a shorter antenna that does its job while still making a slight fashion statement. If this is what you're looking for, a stubby car antenna replacement is for you. Pilot Automotive stubby car antenna replacements come in two different sizes - 3-1/8" and 4-3/4". These antennas are universal, meaning they fit most makes/models, but are particularly popular with racers and tuners due to their low profile. They also match every exterior paint scheme due to their black racing-inspired finish. Stubby car antenna replacements feature aluminum construction and are designed for vehicles that have removable masts. Installation is simple - just twist it on!

On the hunt for a more classical car antenna mast? Check out the Pilot Aluminum Carbon replacement antenna. Unlike stubby car antenna masts, this antenna comes in a little longer (5-3/4") and showcases a tasteful aluminum finish. Just like the stubby car antennas, a Pilot Aluminum Carbon replacement mast is a universal antenna that twists right into your stock base.

Both styles of Pilot Automotive car replacement masts provide a clearer signal so you can listen to your favorite radio stations with less static. On top of that, they deliver a tasteful custom presence. When you're searching for a replacement antenna for your car, stick with UltraRev. We won't let you down.

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