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There are several reasons why drivers become interested in custom pedals for cars. It could be because the OEM pedals have started to become worn and slippery. Maybe one of them got damaged somehow. Or it could just be the desire to inflict some personal style. No matter what the reason is, one thing is clear - Pilot Car Pedal Covers are a preferred choice for motorists everywhere. What makes Pilot Car Pedal Pads so intriguing is the amount of different options they are available in. There aren't just a few sets of Pilot Car Pedal Covers, there are dozens! That means whatever kind of vehicle you own, whatever color interior you have, and whatever style you're into, there is a set of car pedal pads for you. Plus, since it's Pilot Automotive we're talking about, you know you can count on the level of quality to exceed everything else on the market.

If you're into racing, there are plenty of custom pedals for cars that you will definitely be interested in. Take your pick of racing-inspired styles such as Silver with Blue Electro Luminescence, Anodized Blue with Black, the Black Tuner Pedal set, Orange Tri-Glo, Blue Anodized Aluminum with Carbon Fiber Insert, and many, many more. One of the key features to Pilot Racing Pedals is that they demonstrate a superior grip to (most) factory car pedals while giving your interior a nice fashion statement in the process. The bottom line is that no racecar is complete without custom car pedals. If you're going to upgrade everything inside and outside of your ride, how can you leave them out? Replacement car pedal covers range in sets of 2 to 4. Choose the set going by how many pedals your vehicle has or instead, how many you feel like covering up. It's up to you. When you are a serious driver, you need a personalized look and feel inside your car. This is one way to show you're doing it right!

Looking for replacement car pedal covers for your truck? That's no problem, either, as Pilot Automotive Car Pedal Covers are available for vehicles of all sizes. We carry an assortment of truck pedals that deliver big-time improvement inside your cab. Chrome, Black Bull Series Diamond Cleat, Aluminum Diamond, and RBP (Black) are among your fashionable options. Both racing pedals and truck pedal covers are manufactured from ultra-grade aluminum (along with different materials depending on the style) and provide a universal fit. Installation is made as easy as pie thanks to Pilot's clamp system. Simply throw your vehicle's emergency brake on while parked and get to work - you'll be done in no time!

Adding a personal touch to your vehicle is always an enjoyable experience. At UltraRev, we're here to make it easy, too. Our lineup of Pilot Car Pedal Covers showcases the kind of choices you need to accomplish the mission.

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