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You've got the whole package. You did up your exhaust. Put in a cold air intake. New grille. New spoiler. You even put LED running lights on. But there is one spot you missed and it just so happens it's the most obvious place - your valve caps. Souping up your car, truck, or SUV and leaving stock valve caps on is like making a cake and forgetting the icing. Custom valve caps, while small, complete the mission. Pilot Automotive Car Tire Valve Stem Caps are here to save the day. Available in a whole host of styles, you have the ability to choose custom valve caps that put a nice exclamation point on your ride. Comprised of machined aluminum with an anodized finish, Pilot Automotive Valve Caps also feature an O-ring inside the cap that protects your tires from dirt and sediment while keeping air locked inside.

There are so many choices at your fingertips, whatever your tastes are there is bound to be something you'll love. Pilot Custom Valve Caps come in a variety of different options that put the finishing touches on your tires. In the mood for some bling? Then go with Bling Dice, which have cut acrylic diamonds that are sure to stand out. Rumble around the Wild West? Six Shooter custom valve caps pop out at onlookers. It doesn't end there. You also have Chrome Skulls, Auto Ice, Hot Head, Green Skulls, and the Tuner series (red, blue, and chrome). It doesn't make a difference what you're into: Pilot Automotive Valve Caps come in a style that's perfect for you.

Valve caps for cars can be found in bland styles made of cheap materials at many auto parts stores. And you'll very likely be paying more than they're worth. Sticking with UltraRev will not only get you custom valve stem caps that bring both style and quality, but value, as well. Take a peek at our selection today to find caps for your tires that command attention!

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