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Are your rims 20 inches strong and you'd like to tell the world about it? Or are you just on board for the DUB lifestyle? Either way, UltraRev has you covered because we've got the DUB car decals that set the mood right. DUB rim decals are and have been a hugely popular accessory for car owners of all backgrounds. And no, you don't have to be sporting 20" rims to be part of the club. The automotive industry likes style, especially all of the tuners and racers out there. DUB car decals suggest to other drivers that you know the deal and aren't afraid to express yourself.

Since these are Pilot Automotive DUB Stickers we're talking about, you know they're high quality. DUB decals are printed on weather-resistant outdoor vinyl, so you don't have to sweat them cracking, ripping, or being overtaken by exposure to the elements. They are also screen-printed with a special ink to prevent fading. DUB stickers are die-cut for design contours, as well, which makes them applicable to just about any spot on your vehicle. Bumpers, fenders, even doors. Throw them on virtually wherever you like. One caution: It is highly recommended you do not place DUB car decals on rims, wheels, or any windows where your vision could be compromised.

UltraRev carries Pilot Automotive DUB car stickers because we know what gets talked about. People are into the DUB culture and aside from getting up with DUB equipment, showing off a decal is the next best thing. Our DUB car decals are top-quality meant to be shown off for years to come. If you're into this look and attitude, we've got the car stickers to get it done.

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