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Ford F-150 Chrome Mirror Covers

Pilot Automotive

When you own an F-150, you know you have to take care of it right. Even if you use your truck for escapades into the great outdoors or to haul tools or lumber for work, there is a certain amount of pride that goes along with driving a vehicle like this. There's a connection you have with the truck that other drivers don't understand. Why not splash on a little style to show the masses how you really feel?

That's where F-150 Chrome Mirror Covers come in. Pilot Automotive offers a line of Ford chrome mirror covers that deliver a touch of classy style people notice immediately. Comprised of durable ABS plastic and triple-chrome plated for a gleaming shine, Ford F-150 chrome side-view mirror covers come in pairs and are an explosion of luxury that won't take away from your truck's rugged profile. Going with mirror covers is a popular upgrade, especially for pickup trucks, simply because the side-view mirrors are larger than car side mirrors, so they stand out more. Plus, they operate more as an accent - chrome mirror covers aren't a grand, expensive addition. The side of your truck gets a glossy, polished look of chrome while still maintaining that burly demeanor you fell in love with in the first place.

Installation is as easy as it gets. Ford chrome mirror covers are backed with automotive-grade 3M adhesive for a safe, reliable peel & stick install. Just unpeel the tape, stick 'em on and you're good to go!

UltraRev carries everything for truck lovers and our selection of F-150 chrome mirror covers is no different. Go ahead and grab some of this glistening punch for your ride. You won't regret it!

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