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Bully Hitch Covers are an attractive addition to your truck's tow hitch. They replace the unsightly empty space with an attractive cover. Bully offers a wide selection of options for your truck.

The most widely offered truck hitch covers are ones that feature college football teams. Bully offers many different universities on their hitch covers so you are sure to find the one you root for. Bully also made sure that they are officially licensed and fit into most 2 inch hitch receivers. Any true college football fan needs to have their team's logo on their truck's tow hitch.

The Licensed Hitch Covers by Bully are another popular item for people who wish to add some flair to their truck's tow hitch. Bully truck hitch covers feature automobile brands such as Chevrolet and Ford and models such as Silverado and Explorer. They are made out of die cast metal which features triple chrome plating for extra durability. Bully also made them to fit into both 1.25 inch and 2 inch hitch receivers.

Bully features several different Novelty Hitch Covers as well. You can get designs such as a skull with red LEDs or a miniature boat propeller. These designs make a statement whether it reflects on your personality or on your hobbies. They are also chrome plated and fit into the common receiver sizes.

These Bully aftermarket tow hitches are all designed to be aesthetically pleasing and are a great fit for anyone who wants to add a bit of flair to their truck. These products give you that extra bit of individuality while not breaking the bank or being excessive. A decorative tow hitch is the perfect fit for someone wants a small amount of flair without going overboard.