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While Bully has an entire lineup of hitch covers that add style and flair, they also offer Hitch Receiver Locks and Hitch Brake Lights which add safety. Whether you want to alert drivers behind even more or if you wish to make sure the load that you are towing is properly secured with a hitch lock, Bully has you covered.

Tow hitch lights are a safety feature for any truck since they are an additional alert that you are braking. Bully offers a wide variety of styles which are both functional and stylish. They offer both plain lights and car manufacturer logos that light up. They fit into standard 2 inch tow hitches and they are made out of high strength ABS plastic. However, you must also purchase Bully Trailer Wiring for this product to work properly.

Hitch locks are an essential safety feature when you are towing since they make sure your cargo stays connected to your truck. If your trailer became disconnected while on the highway it could end up being catastrophic. Bully offers these products in various types and sizes to fit all trucks and trailers. They are manufactured with a 5/8 inch stainless steel sleeve which prevents it from getting corroded and from being cut by vandals. There are also multiple locking mechanisms that are offered such as the more basic pin lock and advanced 1/4 turn locks. The advanced locks are opened by tubular keys that do not bend or break. This product also features a patented design by Bully that makes it so that it cannot be falsely locked or popped open which makes it more secure. If you want to truly secure your cargo, you need a Bully Hitch Receiver Lock.