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Installing Bully Products

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After purchasing your Bully aftermarket truck accessories such as a step bar or a truck step, you may be asking yourself how do I install a step bar. Luckily, it is an easy process that anyone can do provided they have a few simple tools. You will need to have a hex tool and a tool to pry things apart such as a flathead screwdriver. After obtaining these few tools you can then get started on installing your new aftermarket step bar or Bully truck step.

The first step when installing your new Bully product is to use the hex tool and remove the front, middle and rear body mounts from underneath the doors of your truck. This is required to install the mounting brackets for your new Bully step bar. If you are installing a truck step you only need to remove the ones where you will be placing the step at. Then you will want to loosen the bolts on the Bully mounting brackets and then install them in their appropriate locations. After they are all in place you can then install them into the slots that were opened up when the body mounts were removed. Finally, install the support strap to the middle mounting bracket.

After the mounting brackets are installed, you may then install the Bully step bar or the truck step depending on what you purchased. Use the hardware to attach it properly and tighten it completely. After the product is installed you should double check your work and then test it to make sure it is properly installed by stepping on it and using it in a typical day to day manner. Once you have tested it out you can then take a step back and admire your work. Installing Bully aftermarket truck accessories should only take a few hours at the most since it is a fairly simple and straightforward process.