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Installing Cargo Racks

Pilot Automotive

Installing a Pilot aftermarket cargo rack is a simple process that anyone can do. However, there are differences in installing roof racks and hitch racks. Regardless, they are both easily installed and do not require any special tools or drilling.

Installing a Pilot roof rack requires a bit more work than a hitch rack. However, it is still an easy undertaking. What you must first do is prepare the install area by cleaning it, washing your entire vehicle might also be a good idea. Then you should line up the mounting hardware on the roof with where it will be installed to make sure everything fits right. Then you should install the hardware and then install the cross bars. You may then adjust it to fit whatever you will be hauling on your roof rack.

The installation of a hitch rack is much easier. You will need to remove whatever is installed in your tow hitch or remove the cover before starting. Once that is done you may then install the rack into the receiver and then lock it into place to complete the installation. Installing the trunk bike rack on the other hand, only requires you to open your trunk and fit it into place.