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Installing Floor Mats

Pilot Automotive

Once you have purchased Pilot or Bully automotive floor mats, you may be wondering how to install them. However, it is a very simple process installing aftermarket floor mats. You do not need any special tools and it only takes a few minutes. You do need a vacuum and some automotive carpet cleaner before you get started though.

The first step in installing your new Pilot product is to remove your current car floor mats. You should also vacuum the interior of your vehicle and then clean the carpet. This may take some time depending on how dirty your car's floors are. Once they have been sufficiently cleaned you may then install your Pilot Floor Mats. Installing Bully Floor Mats is mostly the same, but you will need to fit them exactly into your truck's foot well since they were designed to cover everything.

In order to properly maintain your new Pilot product, you should try to keep your interior as clean as possible. Preventing spills or trying not to bring in staining materials is the best way to keep them looking clean. However, accidents do happen and luckily these Pilot products are easy to clean. Using a vacuum is ideal for removing dirt and dry debris from these products while automotive carpet cleaner and a wet vacuum cleans any stains that may occur. If you have a Bully truck mat or a vinyl Pilot one, you can just remove it and then hose it off to clean it which is very convenient. You should also keep the carpet underneath these Pilot products clean as well since it will help the resale value of your vehicle since having a stained or dirty interior detracts from it.