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Installing Fuel Doors

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Installation of a Bully aftermarket fuel door is a very simple process. You do not require any tools other than a hex tool and a screwdriver. Using a drill to remove the rivets easier is optional. The only other requirement is that you need about 30 minutes of your time.

The first step in the installation of a fuel tank cover is to remove the stock one. There should be two rivets that hold it in place which need to be removed before proceeding. Once that is completed, you can then remove the rubber stops on the other side of the opening which is required to install the Bully aftermarket fuel door adapter. You may then install the adapters that are included in the package. If everything fits properly and is tightened up, you can install the fuel door itself. After everything is installed, you should then test it to see if everything works properly.

Once installed, Bully aftermarket fuel doors do not require any special maintenance. They should just be washed periodically with the truck itself to prevent corrosion. However, if you purchased the Billet or the Stainless Steel models you may want to polish them more frequently so that they have a shiny appearance.