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Installing Pedal Pads

Pilot Automotive

Installing Pilot Pedal pads is not a very difficult process. Depending on the specific model that you purchased, the installation process may vary, but it still is very similar. You will also need a few tools before starting the process; these include a flat head screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a socket wrench set, and some degreasing spray. It should take about an hour or less to complete the installation and when it is done you will have a set of stylish and long lasting Pilot automotive pedal covers inside your vehicle. An added bonus when you purchase Pilot Pedal Pads is that they do not require any sort of additional maintenance. They utilize advanced materials and technologies that make them both durable and strong.

The first and most important step when installing this Pilot product is to pull up the parking brake in your vehicle to make sure that it does not move during the installation. Once that has been done, you should remove the floor mat to give yourself extra working room. You should then use the flathead screwdriver to pry off the OEM automotive pedal pads and then use the degreaser to clean the metal surfaces from whatever grime or dust that remains. After wiping the pedal stands off, you may then install your Pilot product. Using the included hardware with the Phillips screwdriver you can then attach the pedal adapters. If your particular product does not require this hardware, you may skip this step. Once completed, you can then install your new car pedals. After everything is installed, you should double check the tightness of the screws on the Pilot product. If they are up to spec, you may then go out for a drive and try out your stylish new aftermarket car pedals.

You can also use your new Pilot pedal covers in many different situations. You can use them in typical daily driving, or you can use them in competitive motorsports. The added grip that they offer gives you a performance edge since you will have more confidence during your spirited drive. This also helps during the snow or rain when your shoes are wet. You will be able to drive without having to worry about your shoes slipping off of the pedals since they offer such great amounts of traction.