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Installing Trailer Wiring

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In order to have your trailer or hitch cover to light up properly when you brake, you need to install Bully Trailer Wiring. Installing it is not a very difficult job, but you must learn how the various wires in your tail lights work before you start the process. You also need several tools such as a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and possibly a socket wrench depending on your vehicle.

The first and most important step is reading the owner's manual for your specific vehicle. You need to know which wires to hook the Bully trailer wire adapters up to in order for it to function properly. After that, you can then uninstall one of the tail lights. You should then go through the tail light and find the wires that you need to put the Bully automotive connector on. Then you should take the pliers to the connector and press it together to make sure the connections are solid. Depending on your intended usage, this may be all that you need to do. However, if you need turn signals there is another step.

Having working turn signals to your trailer is very important. It also requires some additional work when you install your Bully Trailer Wiring. You will need to add in another Bully adapter that hooks up to the turn signal wire and you will also need to remove the other tail light to install it on that side as well. Once that is finalized you may move onto the next step.

If all of the Bully adapters are properly secured, you may then reinstall your tail lights and feed the Bully trailer wires through your tow hitch. Once everything is in place you may then install your trailer or hitch cover. Finally, you should double check that everything is working properly before going out on the road.