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Maintaining Step Bars

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If you purchase a new set of aftermarket step bars or heavy duty truck steps, you may ask yourself How do I maintain truck step bars. This is a valid question since other products might get corroded due to the elements. They may also require special cleaning solutions. However, Bully products do not require any of this additional maintenance.

Bully aftermarket step bars and truck steps are made out of high strength stainless steel. This makes them much stronger than the rest and it gives them a natural corrosion proof exterior. They also do not bend or break over time due to the high quality materials used. For additional protection, the Black Bull Series Step is powder coated black. The powder coating adds another layer of protection to the product and it also gives your truck a rugged off road look.

To make sure that your aftermarket step bars do not wear out, cleaning them off after they get dirty is a good idea. Like cleaning the paint and plastics on your truck, the accessories also need to be washed periodically. This prevents any harmful chemicals or other materials prematurely wearing the product. A simple periodical cleaning is all that is required to keep your Bully products looking brand new.