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When you are out on the water and it's either early in the morning or near dusk, you need to see where you are going. Whether you're a fisherman or just someone who likes to take the boat out on joyrides, having proper illumination off the dock couldn't be more important. A line of sight is crucial to be able to tell the break of the water, where the coast is, and of course, the location of other boats. This isn't something you leave to chance. Pilot Automotive Marine Spotlights shine a bright beam on safety. Thanks to innovative design and top-quality materials, you can count on a Pilot Marine Spotlight to handle being out at sea without ever leaving you blind to the elements. Pilot Automotive Marine Spot Lights can be placed at various strategic points on your watercraft. The bow, starboard, the side of your trolling motor... put your boat spot light where you need it most.

Pilot Automotive Utility Boat Lights offer versatility and maneuverability. If you are fishing at night with a couple of friends, that likely means you are off your feet here and there to cut bait and cast off. A large, cumbersome light can get in the way or take up too much space. A Pilot Utility Boat Light features a compact housing which allows for easy placement on a variety of places in your boat. You won't have to worry about stepping into it or on it, simply use your utility boat spot light however you want. The key is to make sure you have it in your boat when it's dark out!

UltraRev wants you to be able to enjoy your aquatic lifestyle, which is why we carry Pilot Automotive Marine Spot Lights and utility boat lights for you to choose from. Take a look at our selection today and go with the marine luminance that makes your trips to the water safe, fun, and successful.

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