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Okay, you took the first step and got your beast a pair of Pilot Automotive Truck Chrome Mirror Covers. You took them out of the box, checked them out, and see that they came with instructions. But you still want some additional advice to make sure your new chrome mirror covers fit over your factory mirror housings perfectly. No problem, we're here to help you do it right.

To get started, it is a good idea to conduct a test fitting. Grab one of your chrome side-view mirror covers and without removing the backing tape, place it over one of the mirror housings on your vehicle to confirm a precise OEM fit. This is important, because not only does it ensure you have the correct covers, but it will also give you confidence later on in the process. Once you have done that, it is time to get what you need to do a little cleaning.

Items needed: A paper towel (or a clean rag) and household rubbing alcohol

Take a paper towel or rag and dampen it with the alcohol. Now clean off one of your mirror housings, getting any dust, dirt, or debris off of the surface. Use enough alcohol to where the mirror housing is slightly wet but not drenched. Wait a minute or two until it is dry.

Once dry, it is time to begin the actual installation. This part is very easy, but you want to be sure to do it carefully. The inside of your Pilot truck chrome mirror covers is backed with double-sided 3M adhesive. Unpeel the strips.

Next, take your mirror cover and place it over the mirror housing just as you did during the test fitting. Once you can feel it is on securely, gently stamp it on, lightly pressing down on all sides until you are satisfied with its level of snugness.

Simply repeat for the opposite side-view mirror and you're finished!

Truck chrome mirror covers are an excellent way to dazzle up your vehicle without spending a lot of money or going through a time-consuming installation. As you can see, all it really takes is a few minutes and a dry environment to do it properly. But there's one final step left - take a picture! If you purchased a pair of Pilot truck chrome mirror covers from UltraRev we want to see it, so tag us on Instagram (@Ultrarev) and let us take a look!

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