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If you are looking for a classic stainless steel running board look, you may ask yourself What are the best aftermarket step bars. If you have that question, Bully Oval Step Bars are answer that you are looking for. They are the perfect accent to your lifted truck and they help make it easier entering it too. They are all made from high quality materials and feature welded end caps which gives them a sleek appearance. Regardless of the manufacturer of your truck, Bully has you covered as well.

The standard aftermarket step bar that Bully offers is the 4 inch one. If you are looking to give your truck a classic off road look this is the perfect choice. This product is made from only the highest quality steel and features extra wide step pads for easier entry. The 4 inch Oval Step works best with standard sized or smaller trucks since it complements their size well.

Bully's 5 inch Oval Step Bar is the perfect accent to your full size truck due to the larger diameter. This aftermarket step bar is stronger than others due to its improved construction which is perfect for your heavy duty truck. It features brand new super wide step pads that offer excellent grip in all conditions. These pads are also made from a Bully exclusive UV resistant material to make sure that they do not fade or crack when exposed to elements.

The Curved Oval Step Bar differs from the others due to its curved ends. This specialized design gives it an OEM style which many customers desire. It also features the super wide step UV resistant step pads and the welded end caps like the other Bully products do. The Curved Oval Step Bar also features a special 6 stage polishing process to give it an unequaled shine. Regardless of your needs, Bully has an automotive step bar that is perfect for you.