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If you are a long time cycling enthusiast or if you are just starting out, you will most likely need an aftermarket bike rack. Pilot offers several different varieties that are sure to fit your needs. They can also be installed on either your tow hitch or on your trunk and they are all made out of high quality materials.

Pilot Bike Racks are offered in different styles that fit the needs of every type of bicyclist. They offer them in both heavy duty and more simple styles for the various types of cyclists. Pilot's basic model is fine the average person, but if you require a stronger bike carrying system you will need the heavy duty models. They are made out of 1.2 inch steel tubes which are much stronger than the standard model. They are a great option for people who will be taking their bikes off the beaten path.

What also sets Pilot Bike Racks apart from the rest is their adjustability. The racks themselves are fully adjustable to fit every bicycle size. This allows them to fit up to three bicycles on a single rack depending on their size and configuration. Pilot also allows the racks to be adjusted so that your bicycles do not cover up your rear license plate and to prevent them from rubbing on your car which can damage the paint. Pilot racks can also fold up for easy storage once you remove them from your vehicle.

Pilot also makes these products with only the highest quality materials. They are made out high strength steel and high quality plastics. This makes them both strong and durable. They can withstand going over difficult terrain and they will stand up to the elements. Due to the special powder coating, they will not corrode either.