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Automotive floor mats are an integral part of your vehicle since they protect your floor from both stains and from potential water damage. Therefore, Pilot offers a full lineup of both car and truck floor mats to protect the most used part of your interior.

The Pilot Universal Floor Mat lineup is the most popular and comes in a wide array of different materials and stylish colors. They are offered in standard fabric and in various types of vinyl and plastics. No matter the style, they all fit properly with any vehicle on the road. Also included under this lineup are the Collegiate Floor Mats which feature logos of your favorite college football teams. They add a bit of stylish flair to your interior.

Bully Molded Floor Mats differ from the universal lineup since they offer a custom fit for your truck. They are made out of a rugged all weather material which will stand up to all of the perils any truck owner faces. They also are designed specifically to cover up the entire footwell of the truck to prevent any contamination from water, dirt or other staining materials.

Regardless of the style, Pilot vehicle floor covers offer excellent shoe grip. Having your feet slip around when you are driving is a safety hazard which was something Pilot had taken into consideration when designing these products. The cloth automotive mats offer anti-slip surfaces near the pedals while others are completely made out of that material.

Protecting your vehicle's floor from water does not only prevent stains, it also prevents electrical damage. Many new cars have electrical systems beneath the carpet which can be damaged and require costly repairs if they become wet. By using a waterproof Pilot Floor Mat you can help protect your car.