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Pilot Automotive

If your OEM shift knob has gotten worn out or if you wish to spice up your interior with a custom shifter that reflects on your personality, Pilot Shift Knobs are an excellent choice. These products are made out of top notch materials and are very durable, regardless of the design.

Pilot makes these products in two distinct styles. They have OEM replacement shifters which are shaped and made out of similar materials that come with stock vehicles. However, they offer more grip and better ergonomics over stock automotive shift knobs. They are also more durable and will not lose their finish or become worn quickly. For typical day to day driving and performance driving, this Pilot product lineup is ideal.

The other style of Pilot Shift Knobs is the novelty lineup which features interesting shapes such as skulls or pistol grips. Some of the skull shaped ones even have LED lights that make the eyes glow red. They definitely add flair and style to your vehicle and they give your interior a unique appearance. They are also made out of high quality metals and plastics to prevent premature wear. These Pilot products are ideal for daily driving and cruising since they show off your vehicle's interior and your own sense of individuality.

Installing these Pilot products is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes at most. Depending on your car, you may have to use a small screwdriver to remove the original knob, but with most cars the only requirement is to unscrew it. Once the original knob is removed, you may install your new one and tighten it up so that it is secured. These Pilot products do not require any special maintenance as well; regular cleaning is all that is required to keep them in top shape.