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Pilot Steering Wheel Covers add both flair and functionality to your automobile. They add style by giving your steering wheel a unique coating that expresses your individuality. They can also make your steering wheel more comfortable by adding padding which makes long drives or drives in cold weather much more comfortable on your hands. They also come in varieties that offer more hand traction which helps you perform better when going on a spirited drive.

These aftermarket steering wheel covers are made out of several different materials which all have their pros and cons. The most commonly offered version is made out of genuine leather which gives your steering wheel a premium and comfortable feel. This Pilot Steering Wheel Cover offers an average amount of grip and doesn't do much in terms of insulation on the basic version, but there are sport leather versions available which are vented and prevent your hands from getting sweaty. They also come with various graphics on them which add style onto the premium feel of genuine leather. The most popular graphics are the college football ones which allow you to show support to your favorite team and add some flair to your automobile's interior. The genuine leather cover also has an option for wood grain which gives you the most luxurious feeling possible. It adds a touch of class to your automobile's interior and is quite comfortable.

Ostrich leather gives anything a unique appearance and feel. Pilot Ostrich Leather Steering Wheel Covers offer the same luxurious feel as the regular leather ones, but with a different texture and appearance which makes them stand out. They have a different texture that allows for more grip on the steering wheel which gives you more control during spirited drives.

The synthetic leather variety is another popular type of automotive steering wheel cover. It offers excellent grip since the racing style covers are made out of synthetic leather. The Soft Grip models are also made out of similar material, but they are softer which makes them more comfortable. What makes these products unique is that you get the same premium feeling as a genuine leather steering wheel cover at a lower price point and with more variations in styles. With the synthetic leather you can get unique styles such as a cover that looks like a baseball or a basketball. This gives your vehicle's interior a unique and custom look which really lets everyone else know your passions in life.

If you want to have the most amount of grip possible when you drive, the Pilot Sport Mesh automotive wheel covers are the best option. They are made of a special material which improves grip which allows for better control when you are going on a spirited drive. The unique mesh texture also vents the moisture off of your hands to keep them from being too sweaty which can reduce grip. These automotive steering wheel covers are also offered in several different styles such as one with flames and various different colors. You can have both an individualized look and a product that helps you handle your car better. This product is also quite comfortable which makes it ideal for long spirited drives. However, there is not much in terms of insulation for cold weather.

If you want the most comfortable and warm aftermarket steering wheel cover that you can possibly get, the Pilot Sheepskin one is your best option. It is made out of genuine sheepskin which offers a luxurious and soft feeling when held. It makes holding the steering wheel very comfortable which allows it to be held for long drives without fatigue. What makes sheepskin unique is that it is also very warm; it makes your automobile's steering wheel feel much more hospitable during the winter. These sheepskin covers also come in various colors to match your interior or your tastes. This product is the perfect choice if you want to be warm and comfortable when you drive.

It can be tricky installing an automotive steering wheel cover; therefore you must take some time and be patient. The first step that you should do is to clean down the bare steering wheel with a vinyl cleaner or even just a regular window cleaning product. Once it has been clean and wiped dry, you may follow up with the installation of the cover itself. You should take the cover out of its package and then begin installing it at the top of the steering wheel. You should slowly work the product around the top edges making sure not to let it slip off by holding your hand on it. Once you have worked your way to the bottom, you should stretch it to make the last bit fit. This is the most difficult part since it requires some extra pulling of the product which requires some arm strength. If you do not have the strength, you should ask someone who can do it for you. Some covers are also more elastic than others which can make the difficulty of installation different. After it has been installed, you should then make sure that everything fits on it properly before using it. If there are any rough edges or excess material on the aftermarket steering wheel cover, you should then take a small knife to cut it for a cleaner look. Be careful not to cut yourself or damage your steering wheel or the cover itself. Once you have everything completed, you may admire your work and then test out your new Pilot Steering Wheel Cover on a drive.

When it comes to choosing a company to purchase a custom steering wheel cover, Pilot is the best choice. Their products are only made out of the finest materials and they are manufactured with quality in mind. They will not fade or rip like many other automotive steering wheel covers from other companies. Pilot also offers the widest selection on the market so you are sure to find one that suits your specific tastes.