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If you own a trailer or even a novelty hitch cover, you will need a Bully trailer wiring kit in order to use it to its fullest. Alerting people behind you that you are braking is important and this product helps you do that.

When it comes to trailer wiring kits, nothing is truly universal. There are various sizes that fit into different vehicles which can be used for different purposes. Bully offers the widest selection of automotive trailer wiring which means that you will be able to get the kit that fits your specific vehicle and your needs.

These trailer wiring kits work for wide variety of purposes and products. There are standard kits that work with your average trailer or hitch cover, but there are others that are more specialized. Those kits work with products such as digital brake control modules and RV controllers.

Bully also offers trailer wiring adapters which can be used was 12 volt adapters which give you the freedom of having a plug anywhere you go. They hook up the same ways the standard trailer wires, but they can be used as a portable electricity source for whatever you need.