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It can be difficult having to unload cargo or tools from your truck bed in the dead of night and not be able to see two feet in front of you. Whether you're going fishing, camping, or just need illumination for doing some work when it's dark out, Pilot Automotive Truck Bed Lights always make it easier. At UltraRev, we offer two different types of Waterproof Truck Bed Lights to choose from, so go with the lighting configuration that matches your needs (and your vehicle) best.

Pilot presents their waterproof Bed Cargo Light, which is designed for drivers who crave conventional, old-school halogen power. This truck bed light is geared towards pickup owners who access the bed of their truck regularly for work or storage. Easily mountable to the back of the cab, Pilot Waterproof Truck Bed Cargo Lights do not require an adapter for power. Instead, these truck bed lights run on just 2 C batteries (sold separately) and produce a concise, powerful beam you can count on. Installation is accomplished in one of two ways - magnets (included) or Velcro tape. Choose the installation method that makes the most sense for you and your truck.

If you are looking for a little more style thrown in with your truck bed light then look no further. Pilot Truck Bed Light Strips are bendable and can be conformed into different shapes in order to fit around corners and handles. This allows for a variety of uses inside the truck bed or against the cab - get creative! These waterproof truck bed light strips can be cut to fit certain areas of your truck and come with 18 feet of wiring to give them even more versatility. Pilot Automotive Truck Bed Light Strips are a valuable item for drivers in need of extra maneuverability for their lighting.

UltraRev carries Pilot Automotive Waterproof Truck Bed Lights because we are dedicated to giving you nothing less than outstanding quality options. When you are a truck owner, you have to make sure the parts you add on to your vehicle are durable and reliable. Why waste your time with anything less? Stick with us - we'll take care of you with waterproof truck cargo lights you can count on.

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