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Truck owners like to throw upgrades on their vehicles just as other drivers do. But there's a difference: Many truck owners have to use their haulers for job-related activities. Because of this, a lot of folks with trucks are hesitant to go overboard with making custom additions. And even if they have the ability to add on wherever they please, some prefer to keep it kind of simple. This is what makes Pilot Automotive Truck Chrome Mirror Covers such a good idea. A fast, accessible upgrade, Truck Chrome Mirror Covers add a glimmering accent to side-view mirrors that can match existing chrome trim or stand out on their own. It makes no difference if you operate behind the wheel of a heavy-duty pickup or zip around in a compact machine, chrome mirror covers for trucks deliver a tasteful, custom appearance you'll be glad to have.

Aside from their shiny, classy look, truck chrome mirror covers are also an easy installation. Once you take your mirror covers out of the box, the first thing you will want to do is perform a test fit - simply place a cover over one of your mirrors to confirm the fitment is correct. Next, with a paper towel or rag and isopropyl alcohol, clean the surface of your side-view mirror(s) and let dry. This should only take about a minute, depending on the condition of the surface. After that, unpeel the 3M auto-grade adhesive strips located inside the mirror cover and place it over the mirror housing. Lightly press down to make sure the new cover is on nice and tight. And that's it! It is a fast, user-friendly installation any driver can handle in just minutes.

You can also count on the level of quality. Pilot Automotive Chrome Truck Mirror Covers are constructed of uncompromising ABS plastic, so you will never have to worry about their durability. Plus, all truck chrome mirror covers are digitally engineered for your specific model to guarantee an exact fit. This means that every one of our Ford Mirror Covers and Chevy Mirror Covers are designed explicitly for your truck as if the OEM put these on themselves.

Pilot Automotive Truck Chrome Mirror Covers are available for most trucks on the road. Own a Ford F-150? We have Ford Chrome Mirror Covers waiting for your discovery. Stomp through the streets in a Silverado? No problem - Chevy Chrome Mirror Covers are right here inside our selection. Chrome mirror covers for trucks are sold in pairs and are a popular way to demonstrate a glistening touch of class without breaking the bank. If this visual enhancement is something you're interested in, stick with UltraRev. We carry a wide array of truck chrome mirror covers for most makes/models. Click on the Shop Now button to get started today!

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