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If you dislike the way steel step bars look, but still want to get into your truck easier, Bully has a lineup of steel truck steps for you. The step bars vs. truck steps debate can only be answered by you and your own personal tastes. Regardless of what you go with, Bully has the exact product to fit your needs.

The more basic aftermarket truck step that Bully offers is the AS Series Step. This product is made out of lightweight stainless steel and features a non-slip step pad. It can also be painted to whatever color you would like for additional customization. However, this product has a lower weight limit than the others which is due to the lightweight construction. Bully did however make the installation of this product easy since it only requires minimal tools.

If you want a more heavy duty aftermarket truck step, the Black Bull Series Step is the perfect one for you. Bully manufactured this product specifically for more heavy duty applications and it also features a tough black powder coated exterior with the non-slip step pad. The special powder coating also gives it a unique look that will complement any truck. Bully also designed this product to be adjustable which makes it work well on trucks that are both at stock heights and lifted ones. Like other Bully products, the Black Bull Series is also easy to install.

If you already have truck steps installed and you need easier access to the bed of your truck, the Bully Hitch Mounted Step is just the product for you. It fits into the standard 2 inch tow hitch receivers and allows you easier access to your tools or whatever you are hauling in your truck's bed. It features a non-slip step pad features a polished steel appearance. This makes it both functional and stylish, like all Bully products.