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CSF Aluminum Radiators

CSF Radiators

Geared towards high performance vehicles, CSF aluminum radiators are extremely efficient and lightweight. CSF makes these heat exchangers completely out of aluminum so you can shed the necessary weight off the front of your car. OEM parts tend to be heavy and do not provide the added airflow that ones from CSF do.

Most owners with race vehicles want to eliminate any unnecessary weight from their vehicle whether it is the interior, exterior, or some components in the engine bay. CSF makes their products lightweight since every engine needs a radiator. CSF aluminum radiators will directly replace your current one and be the reason why you dropped a few seconds off your track time. Along with decreased weight comes increased airflow which is always gained when using products from CSF.

The 2-row core models from CSF actually provide up to 50% better cooling for your high performance engine. 50% more cooling can be a lot and something most race cars need. Adding performance parts like forced induction so the vehicle can have more power will cause the engine to run hotter. Aluminum from CSF is the most efficient way of keeping the engine cool in this situation.

An overheated engine during an important race is not something you want to happen and using OEM parts will make this happen. Using CSF parts is the only way to ensure your engine will receive the proper cooling under extreme operations. CSF products fit perfect and use the existing mounting holes so you will not struggle with installation. All hoses will be kept the same length as well and not be crunched up.