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CSF Radiators

CSF Radiators

There are several ways of making sure your engine performs at its best during high speed races, but the number one is to use parts from CSF. CSF race radiators are designed to increase the airflow for your engine while dissipating heat even better. CSF race products are lighter as well so the front end of your vehicle can shed some weight.

The military grade aluminum that is used for these race vehicles combines superior strength with durability so they will last forever. CSF customizes all of their parts so they make a perfect fit each and every time. Each one of their products is actually created within one hour. After that, it is then hand polished so it looks as good as it performs. CSF race radiators will benefit your engine on the track and look great at the car show next day.

To increase the air flow, CSF places their fins in the best locations on the part itself so air flow can be at the highest during operation. To take it even further, CSF performs leak testing and vibration testing so that when your product is in use there will never be any problems.

Heat dissipation is just as important as increased air flow for race vehicles. CSF products do the best job at heat dissipation so your engine can remain at the normal operating temperature. An OEM heat exchanger cannot keep up with a race engine's performance which is why CSF is used by so many. Each of the CSF race components also include a "racing style" aluminum drain plug to add to the overall feel.