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CSF Radiators

CSF Radiators

Their race products come completely polished to offer every vehicle a race car look. Along with being extremely efficient, CSF radiators really stand out inside the engine bay and bring the entire car together. After every product is made, CSF hand polishes them to give it a "Show-Stopper" mirror finish, something that cannot be said about other aftermarket parts. CSF takes pride in how well their parts perform and look to offer the complete package.

Not only does the polished product give it a show car feel, but it also protect against the outside elements. CSF radiators are constantly exposed to all types of harmful chemicals through daily driving and inclement weather. CSF designs their parts so none of this will affect them in a negative way. Their heat exchangers will last very long in terms of performance and looks which is why so many cars, trucks and SUVs use them. The radiator is the first thing you notice as soon as the hood is opened and seeing that polished look from CSF is very appealing.

They can also be cleaned to bring back the shine as well when dirt and debris build up. The surface of any CSF component can be cleaned with water and soap within a few minutes so you can bring it back to when it first came out of the box. This is great for the day at the car show when you need a quick wipe down. CSF race parts can be used solely for car show purposes if that is what you need them for.

After they are polished, CSF sprays them with a salt coating for corrosion protection so the surface will always remain bright and appealing. CSF is all about offering the entire package and not just for looks or performance.